Alter egos and other stuff....

After hanging around the South London Pub Rock scene and fraternising with Gary Moore, Phil Lynott, The Blockheads, Quo and Stevie Waller amongst others, Toot played in cover bands overseas and eventually found himself older and on the UK South Coast. This album 'Sussex Cosmic Reggae' was recorded under the name of one of Toot's various alter egos 'Wilcko'.

The album is a collection of songs that, whilst not necessarily always about Sussex, are all inspired by the amazing beauty of Sussex. Based largely around a reggae steppa beat the songs are interwoven with rock, jazz and latin themes. The link is on the contact page.

Head down and head for home ska music again recorded under the name of Wilcko. The album contains the iconic 'Omsong' the video of which stars Erkan Mustafa from the BBC hit show 'Grange Hill'. Please visit;

The album also contains a version of 'Good Old Sussex By The Sea' which was regularly featured on the BBC Radio Sussex Saturday Morning Breakfast Show as well as being played at Brighton and Hove Albion's Amex football stadium and the Sussex CCC ground in Hove.

The album was completed shortly after the single 'Oy, Oy, Oy, Oy It's Franky Fryer!' was released. Wilcko performed 'Franky' on SKY tv's 'Soccer am'. It raised a shed load of money for BLESMA and you can take a shufty here;

After airing, 'Franky' reached No 3 in the UK Reggae Charts and No 4 in the European Reggae Charts. Suggs of Madness described the track as 'Brilliant'.

These songs go back to the glory days of Punk when Toot's other alter egos were hanging around with The Damned in Forest Hill, South London before bringing their own brand of Punk to the South coast. The tracks are enjoying a bit of a revival at the moment and you can check them out on IndieSound.