'Giddy Olde Hatte' and 'Surus the Brave'

two instrumentals recorded over lockdown

Two instrumental tracks that I recorded over lockdown have made it onto a couple of playlists; 'Freshnet Batch 402 and Signal Committee 'eclectic picks' . Pretty happy about that and big thanks to both

You can hear 'Giddy Olde Hatte' on

'Giddy' also enjoyed a bit of a run on some American Indie radio stations.

You can hear 'Surus the Brave', a fusion of bhangra beats and psychedelic guitars, on


Pleased to say that Wud Records have included some of my stuff on their Nov 2020  Musical Discoveries online Album. 

Wud Records have released the compilation to celebrate two years of Musical Discoveries and are featuring a weekly playlist on


Cabbage Patch (Save the Planet)

Described by Wud Records as an 'Ass Kicker' of a track 'Cabbage Patch'  has been picked up by several climate change organisations including Commitment ,  GO GREEN @ecowarriors and 'Art For Our Planet' @artforourplanet. It is available as a free download on BandCamp 

It has also made it onto 'Fresh On The Net'


New release - 'A Mask'

Finished 'A Mask' at Brighton Road Studios last week. Hadn't been there since January. Good to see the brilliant Ali Gavan again.

Pleased to say that the song  was picked up pretty quickly by a couple of playlists; Fresh on the net and Magic Music Moments.

Those lovely Wudsters were quick to comment.

You can access it here -


Brighton Bolero 

These dear people at Wud Records have included 'Brighton Bolero' on their June 2020 Discoveries Playlist.

So grateful to all of the people at Wud for their continued support of me specifically and of independent music artists in general; wonderful people.


'Still Blue Air' makes it onto Wud Records latest 'Discovery' album

Looks like Wud Records are sticking with 'Still Blue Air', it has made it on to their newest Discovery album.

I think they like it.


'Bolero' Makes It onto BBC Fresh On The Net

Thanks again guys....

Big up and Bless up to all at BBC Fresh On The Net



Brighton Bolero

Delighted to say that my new instrumental 'Brighton Bolero'

is released 4/6/20 on Bandcamp.

Preview here;


You can preview it and buy it  here;


Your Robot Loves You.

New Video out on YouTube 

So I have had this song a while; it is not like my usual output but I had been meaning to make a video for it but never had the time. Then along came the lockdown and suddenly I had the time so I just went for it.

I stuck it up on YouTube, just click the link. It is a bit mad, a lot of fun and I hope you all like it.


'Still Blue Air' included on Wud Records Musical Discoveries compilation album.

Thanks to the Guys and Gals at Wud records for giving 'Rejoice (Love Mantra)' a big thumbs up in Feb 2020


Its a hat trick!!

Big thanks to Tom Robinson and his team at BBC  Freshnet for continuing to support my music and including it in their monthly compilations.


Fresh On The Net....Again!!

Those lovely people at BBC Fresh On The Net have included 'Rejoice (Love Mantra) on their latest compilation in December ....Hooray


'I Sense That in You'

gets on to BBC Freshnet


have included 'I Sense That In You' on a recent compilation. Flattered - I'll say!


Oh Yeah!!!!

'Still Blue Air'....

Those lovely people at Wud Records have chosen 'Still Blue Air' as their featured song in their musical discoveries compilation of the week 28/10/19. Chuffed, needless to say.


New Music

I have been busy over the last few weeks making more music, all available to listen to on Soundcloud on the usual account

The tracks have received some really favourable reviews (see below) 

They are available through all the usual outlets.


Getting Played in the US

The very lovely people at Lonely Oak Radio in the US have picked up on 'You're So Here' and are giving it regular airplay. Many thanks to all the great people there.


Wud Records Dig Toot

The extremely nice people at Wud Records  have been reviewing some of my latest material, by going to my Soundcloud account, here is what they have to say; 

On 'Still Blue Air' they say, "Completely captivating song - reminds us both of Echoes by Pink Floyd and Diamond Rain by Spacegoats. Liking the Pendragonish change up in the instrumental section, beautifully done."

On 'Beautiful' they say "Fantastic tune full of Morricone-esque suspense, enjoying the voicings you've chosen for the percussion....and suddenly a  vocal appears! Great track:)"

On 'I Don't Understand You', they say, "Wow, that solo is straight from the soul, never mind the heart. Amazing performance.:)"

On 'Just Because You Said So' they say, "A tragic tale told all too often, sadly. Lovely song though.:)"

On 'Who Are You Now?'  they say, "Fantastic 80s vibe in the production, lovely rifftastic guitar break and that clunky slightly dirty bass sounds amazing through our speakers here. You also captured the vacuous nature of 80s fashion beautifully in the lyrics."

And finally, on 'Young and Mad' they say, "This reminds us of the Beatles during their most psychedelic era, a really fun and odd song."

Needless to say I am chuffed with their comments and I hope that they will be considering some of the material for their compilation albums.


Latest release


'I sense that in you'. Recorded at Transmission studios.

Big up to Radio WIGWAM who have picked up on my music and will be giving it an airing at the following times; Wednesday 10th April, 9pm BST, EST & PST and repeated at the same times on Saturday 13th and the following Monday 15th April.