Toot Le Mondy

Indie music from Brighton 

A big welcome to Toot Le Mondy's website.

Here you will find four collections of my most recent music as well as a number of individual projects and past output some of which is under the name of my alter ego 'Wilcko'. You will find some individual songs as well as some recent collections. The latest collection is called  'Plat Du Jour'  preceded by 'Floating on Air', 'Right Angels' and 'One Door Closes'. I imagine, write and perform all the music.  

Please click on the page 'Angelsfoot' to access my novel of the same name.

Thanks for browsing the site. Please visit the contact page for links to all my music.


Peace and Love


New collection of songs gathered under the title.... 

Check  it out via Soundcloud on the 'contacts' page. 


Recorded at Brighton Road Studios studios in Brighton, 'Floating on Air' was finished in late 2018. The album is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Napster and all good music outlets now.